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Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

In Ed Warner's killifish book he mentions the different Jiffy pellets. The 
703 was the one that had no fertilizer additives and was the safest to use, 
if memory serves. They are available thru Ruth Warner (Ed's wife) and Tony 
Terceira. They are not normally stocked in garden stores or Walmart, 
possibly because they lack the fertilizer additives.


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>Hi group, I just came back from Walmart. I saw the
>Jiffy-7 peat pellets refill package (72 units) for
>3.94, which is cheap, so I got it. It's #708. My
>question is does anyone on this list has used it
>before and confirm that it's safe for fish use? I'm
>not sure if this is the same as the Jiffy peat pellets
>that people usually use. I've been using the bulk peat
>moss (kind of messy) and now I want to try to convert
>to using peat pellets:)
>Kean Huat
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