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Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Kean Huat Yeap wrote:
> Hi group, I just came back from Walmart. I saw the
> Jiffy-7 peat pellets refill package (72 units) for
> 3.94, which is cheap, so I got it. 

That's a great deal. I'm off to Wally World in the AM. :-)

> It's #708. My
> question is does anyone on this list has used it
> before and confirm that it's safe for fish use? I'm
> not sure if this is the same as the Jiffy peat pellets
> that people usually use. 

That's the right ones, AFAIK. I don't worry about soluble additives, because 
I always nuke them to boiling in the microwave, and then rinse a lot under 
the faucet in a regular green fish net.

> I've been using the bulk peat
> moss (kind of messy) and now I want to try to convert
> to using peat pellets:)

Just as messy or more so, since they are finer. ;-)


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