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elberti N'douzem - help wanted...

I've noticed that the elberti N'douzem population is proving very easy
for some keepers, and really tough for others. I'm in the latter
category, and I can't figure out why. I've kept several elberti, and
never had any problems before this one. I started with a large group,
and it is dwindling quickly and not replacing itself steadily enough. I
get very few eggs, in tiny bursts.
My daphnia didn't make the move indoors this year, but I feed the fish
bbs, white worms and frozen foods, all of which they take with glee.
They are kept at pH 7.4 and 140 ppm (though I've also tried at half that
hardness and a lower pH, with equal non results). I heat their tanks to
23c (73-74f).
I'd like to hear from people having success, to know what they are
doing, and if they know any tricks they can share. I don't want to lose
this fish.
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