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Re: Tony's New Book

> I think the AKA or someone should help Tony Publish a new one. Over the
> years I have had at least 6 copies stolen from me 4 copies here in Indy.

Hey killiman if someone knicked something off me once I would sort it out
but 6 times is ridiculous.
I doubt Tony will do another book as he will most likely work on the net.
Tony's work was a great injection at the time. The BKA bought copies in the
'80's from whence I bought mine.
At the time it was a great book but things move on & it is now history.  We
are measured by our last deeds after all, but the constraints of time are an
important consideration.
Are we pushing Tony to write another book? Yes of course we are.
So, Tony, get & start writing. !!!


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