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Re: Gardneri Tankmates

Nothing is perfect as a tank scrubber, unless you keep it very *clean.* IDK 
if Al's experience with Scotchbrite scratching glass was quite as 
uncomplicated as it sounds.

I found that gravel gets into almost any scrubber, and when it does, glass 
is as vulnerable as plastic to getting scratches. On that basis, I guess a 
wad of brand new filter floss has a lot going for it.

I certainly wouldn't use an old mop on my little Eclipse 3g tank. Odds are 
that some grit has become trapped in there and the plastic would show it 
right away. Maybe that's why I buy cheap sponge/nylon scrubbers at the 
dollar store (8 for $1) and retire them after only a few uses.


Robert Tucker wrote:
> There's a white version of the green stuff that is 'acylic safe'. I use it
> on three different tanks. I got mine with a handle from the LFS but you can
> find the same thing elsewhere. I've also got some bulk filter material of
> the same material that works well too and is far cheaper than the pad with
> handle.
> Tucker.

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