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Re: RO ?

Bill Shenefelt wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, why htich the RO to the softener?  

Personally, I wouldn't.

> Warmer?  I assume
> that Jim Graham has non-chlorinated water coming from the well thru the
> softener and has hopefully gotten the TFC unit he needs for bacteria
> resistance.  The mineral content of the softened water is probably as high
> or higher(because of periodic flushing with salt) than the water straight
> from the well I would think  Is sodium easier on a membrane than calcium?
> I never looked at this since I don't have a softener.

Probably not, but the waste water, following the softener, is then useless 
for drip irrigation and a host of other applications. It isn't even that 
good for the Rift-Lake fishes, who need Ca and, particularly, Mg in their 
water. No need to waste all that overflow, if it isn't too salty.

If you want higher performance, it is no big deal to rig a coil of poly 
tubing in a warm spot near the ceiling or in the attic. Raising cold tap 
water to room temp. makes a pretty significant difference in rate of 
production of RO in my unit.


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