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Re: species ID

If it is   Oryzias javanicus then I believe the AKA site has a slide that I 
took for slide sale program.  I am sure it is terrible quality considering 
how many times it was copies, but it will give you the general body shape 
which clearly distinguishes it fro Procatopus or Aplocheilicthys of the 
other small lampeye group.

The thin lines help me think it may be a member of Oryzias

Tony in RI

         I would At 12:40 AM 1/10/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I was at the local big chain store today buying rabbit food, and decided 
>to check out the uh...(so called)fish. I was looking at some sterbae 
>cories, a pretty huge surprise for such a place, when I spotted lampeyes 
>swimming in the same tank.  I found the tag below the tank, and it said 
>"golden rainbow killies". These do not look like anything in the 
>aplocheilus family.  Kind of colorless, but a nice irredescent eye. High 
>bodied, with a good size anal fin, that had an irredescent light blue thin 
>marginal band. They were pretty washed out, but I could see a horizontal 
>thin line and a few diagonal very thin vertical lines radiating out from 
>the horizontal line. DOn't know if this will look OK, but like this:  ____/_/_/
>                                        \ \ \
>I thought maybe Oryzias but can't find a pic of one with these lines. 
>Anybody have a thought on what they might be?   thanks,  Ron
>Ron Anderson
>Warwick, RI
>alt email: ron02886 at cox_net
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Tony Terceira
terceira at ride_ri.net

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