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Re: RO ?

James Graham wrote...

I've got a new RO unit and am getting ready to plumb it was wondering if it
is better to hook it up to water softener water or to my straight well water
(about 225 ppm).

When I got my R.O. unit I was told it would be more efficient with water
softener water than well water and that the membrane will last longer. Our
chemists on list will be able to explain why. ;)

Whether your water supply is operating at 40 pounds/sq. inch and how warm
your water is coming in to the unit will also strongly influence the unit's
productivity. More pressure and/or less frigid water = more R.O. water for
coffee, house plants, cooking and the killies.

If you have Rift Lake cichlids or live bearers or hard water killies
(Lamprichthys, brackish water Fundulus), you may even want to figure out how
to channel your "waste water" into their tanks or at least holding
containers for them. In summer, I would like to pipe the waste water to the

All the best!


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