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Re: White worm bedding

I personally use a mixture of coconut fiber and an organic soil (like 
mushroom compost) but to each his own.  Your mix sounds good, as long as it 
isn't too sandy.  As far as splitting the culture, I've found that they 
propagate nicely.  As long as you don't harvest too heavily from it for 
awhile, you should be ok.

Nick Ternes
Sheboygan WI, 53083
woodland_gardens at hotmail_com

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 21:17:22 EST
From: MotomanBarton at aol_com
Subject: Bedding for white worms?

Hey, i have a culture of white worm and am looking to expand them, but i'm 
not sure what kind of soil to use i was thinking of useing some container 
mix it has.

Peat Moss
Calcined Clay

Do you thing this should be okey? It also has some vermiculite (the white 
stuff thats kinda like styrofoam). Also i bought these worm boxes that are 
souspose to be for breeding earth worms for fishing. The walls on it seem to 
  be really absorbent of water to keep them wet at all times i guess and at 
the same time keep them for getting to wet. Also i was wondering if 
splitting a culture would set them off ballance very much?


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