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RE: Egg Picking

Hi Steve

Make your mops thicker and only collect eggs a couple times a week.  This
way you avoid mixing up eggs by collecting so many different types and you
will still get more eggs than you need.

Best fishes

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><{{{>Lately checking the mops has become a longggggg journey LOL.
><{{{>With 24 mops it
><{{{>takes me almost 2 hours to check them for eggs. Is there a
><{{{>fast way to check
><{{{>for eggs? Please send me some pointers.
><{{{>I thought of something that may work so let me know what you
><{{{>think. I was
><{{{>thinking of taking the mops out of the tanks and swishing
><{{{>them around real
><{{{>hard in a bucket and then dumping the bucket through a filter
><{{{>to collect the
><{{{>eggs. You think this will work?
><{{{>Thanks in advance for the help :)
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