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My best killie keeping day !!!

I acquired 12 pairs recently. 2 pairs of each 6 different species. I lost a
few fish along the way but every species except 1 was giving me eggs on a
daily basis. Well this week I have been so busy and haven't checked the
mops. Today I checked the mops and gathered the usual eggs. I then decided
ah what the heck let me check the Poliaki mops. Boom I got 8 eggs. 3 of them
are eyed :) . I stopped checking their mops after I got no eggs for 2 weeks.
I just figured they were to young.

Well now all of my species are giving eggs except the Rachovii which I lost
1 male and 2 females. So all I have is 1 male left. I did the peat wrong and
they died :( .

So this is the best day in my killi keeping :) . Well I guess you could say
my second best day since the truely best day was when I picked my first eggs
:) .

Well just though I'd share my story. Good luck with your killie ! ! !

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