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Re: Blue Green Algae was Re: Gardneri Tankmates

Erythromycin may be effective for this, but only for a short time, as it
biodegrades, then the algae will come right back. There is something not
right about your water chemistry if you have a strong growth of blue-green
algae. I used to believe that I could scrub it off and that the physical
disruption killed it. Later, I realized that what really helped was that I
then needed to siphon out all the loose algae and the water change is what
sent it packing.

There are also ethical issues with dosing your tank with an antibiotic
when you have no real disease. In my opinion, water changes are cheaper
and much more effective in the long term (though I must confess that I
find it appealing to drop in a tablet and and say "die,die,die, you nasty
algae"). I no longer use antibiotics at all in my fishroom.


> Mach,
> Hi! As I know, no fish, shrimp or snail will eat this
> nasty stuff. You need to get Erythromycin to get rid
> off your BGA. You can get this antibiotic at
> pharmacies with prescription. Or you can get it by
> buying Mardel's Maracyn, which is more expensive
> though.
> I'm having BGA in my 40 gallong planted tank now and I
> can't stand the smell anymore and will dose with
> Erythromycin soon to get rid of it.
> Kean Huat

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