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Re: Hey killie keepers

Thanks Tom,

Tom wrote:
> As a BOT member - I have absolutely no problem with promoting a local hobby
> club on Killietalk so long as it is part of the general ongoing conversation
> about the hobby.  Without local clubs like Boston Aquarium Society, killies
> would probably be even less common than they are and it is a place where the
> AKA often finds new and curious people who develop an interest in the hobby.
> The only time I would object is when someone uses Killietalk as a personal
> Advertising forum for their non-killie group on a very regular basis.  To me
> Killietalk is about killies, but it is also about the overall support of the
> hobby in most aspects.

It's even deeper in AKA philosophy than that. Affiliate clubs are mandated, 
as part of their responsibility to the AKA, to support local general 
aquarium societies where possible.

Our own John Boylan, from BAKA, is giving this month's program, tomorrow 
night, at one of the most prestegious and oldest aquarium societies in the 
New World, San Francisco Aquarium Society. Anyone within driving distance 
should try to get to Golden Gate Park and the CA Academy of Sciences 
auditorium to catch his presentation. http://www.sfaquarium.org for details.

John is a very good speaker, and I have never attended one of his talks that 
wasn't just loaded with new and interesting information.

Going back a few years (quite a few?) SFAS was the *only* place for 
killifolk to meet around here. Stan Weitzman, my neighbor, got me going 
there some years before he and others organized the AKA. We owe SFAS. 
Wayland Lee, Al Castro, and I forget who else, have done a lot of repayment 
over the years. We try to give one killy program every year, if possible.

Sacramento Aquarium Society has been a strong force in organizing the new 
affiliate CAKE as a sub-group of the society. They even supported CAKE's 
first show, last year.

What is your local affiliate doing in cooperation with the general aquarium 
hobby? We'd like to hear about it, I think.


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