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holiday mail problem and apology

Greetings and best wishes for the New Year,

I returned, on New Year's day from my annual trek to my mother's home in S. 
CA. I was surprised to find about 250 e-mails backed up from my ten-day 
absence. In addition, both mail lists and individuals have let me know their 
e-mails to me were bouncing. I'm sorry, but my provider never informed me of 
such a limit.

My apologies, particularly, for anyone who needed an immediate response, and 
I request anyone, who needs to, to repeat their messages to me. I cleared my 
box on 1/1/03, but I stopped getting all killietalk notes, yesterday. Barry 
is checking on that problem.

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to report that cool conditions and lots of plants let 
all my babies survive and be happy and active upon my return. Don Greig's 
Walter worms provided a nice meal immediately as the first bbs won't be 
available until tomorrow (house heat was off last night -- grrr!).

BTW, flake food was eagerly consumed by all after the 10-day fast. :-)


Wright Huntley -- 209 521-0557 -- 731 Loletta Ave, Modesto CA 95351

   Just as any moron can destroy a priceless Ming vase, so the shallow and 
ill-educated people who run our schools can undermine and destroy from 
within a great civilization that took centuries of dedicated effort to 
create and maintain.  -- Thomas Sowell


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