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January 2003 ARK Meeting

The monthly gathering of the Arizona Rivulin Keepers (ARK) will occur on
Saturday, January 11th.  Head for our usual location, the Round Table Pizza
at the northwest corner of Ray and Rural Roads in south Tempe (check our
website at http://ark.killi.net for directions and a map).  People will
start wandering in about 6:30 pm.

The first half hour is a time to socialize, set up, and enjoy scrumptious
pizza.  That will be followed by a raffle.  This will feature items from our
Sponsor of the Month - Novalek/Kordon.  They manufacture a number of quality
aquarium products, of which Novaqua and Amquel are perhaps the best known.

The program will be an AKA video.  This month we will view "Live Foods" by
Karl Doering.  On this video he demonstrates his techniques for cultivating
a variety of live foods.

We will also feature an auction.  Anyone attending can bring killies, other
unusual small aquarium fish, live food cultures, and aquatic plants for the
auction, and they can also bid on items.  The seller receives 80% of the
proceeds and the balance goes to ARK.  Check our website for information
about fish and items available in previous auctions.

Finally, just a reminder, the March 8th meeting of ARK is our Cactus -
Killie - Cook-Out.  Come watch your favorite MLB teams play in the Cactus
League and then enjoy meeting with a great group of people - other killie
nuts - on Saturday evening.  With the current airfare wars, flying to
Phoenix is now very reasonable.  Let us know if you  can attend!

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