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Re: trapdoor snails

If I recall correctly from biology, most (if not all) snail and slug species 
are hermaphorditic.  Most hermaphroditic species can't reproduce asexually, 
so a pair is originally needed.  They most likely can store sperm.

Nick Ternes
Sheboygan WI, 53083
woodland_gardens at hotmail_com
Hi Bill,

As best as I recall Giant Japs are hermaphroditic. In a long forgotten book
I came across in my youth I believe that it was Axelrod that speculated that
they were fertilized once and then stored the sperm for future use.  I have
had single snails reproduce for about a year in captivity when they were
being kept alone. So I do not know if they truly store the sperm or if they
can self fertilize. The giant Japs can live in pretty soft water, but if you
miss water changes they will close up, within a week to a week and a half
they will die if the water is not changed.

I will mention that about 70+% of the snails I have kept have reproduced at
one time or another. Some are very reproductive others never have
reproduced. But I have noticed no apparent sexual dimorphism nor have I
actually looked for it.

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