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Re: fred & rod

Tim Addis wrote:
>>Langton's _ Wild Collections..._, 3rd Ed. lists a trip that is the likely
>>one. It was by Fred Wright, J. Parker, Rod Roberts, T. Radda and J.
> Wapenaar
>>in early '76, where they found an "unidentified *Aphyosemion* species (=
>>Small Roloffias)" in Jan./Feb. No location or collection code was given.
> Wright, as always has hit the nail on the head. As far as I can find this
> was the only collection of fredrodi. I agree that no code was officially
> tagged on to the collection but the trip was titled Sierra Leone 1976 & as
> the usual SL code for collections in this country is not (as I am aware)
> preoccupied in 1976 I am including this trip in the West African site as SL
> 76. The location for fredrodi was 20 so I propose SL 76/20 to be a useful
> identifying code. This is all academic though as I strongly doubt they are
> still in captivity.

I'm not betting on that. I feel I have seen them in BAKA or NCKC auctions in 
recent years. I can't find my SMC annual report, so have no way to see if 
they showed there as being in the hobby in the last year or two.

> My material is sketchy at present but further material is promised & I will
> put it online when I have sorted it out.

Roger only lists one collection, by Busch, Heller (Hellner?) and Poschl, in 
'89 (SL89). Exact location was listed as Sowoja, Mantanga.

*Script. fredrodi* (Vandersmissen, Etzel, & Berkenkamp) 1980 is in KMI4 as a 
valid species, but I think Huber may differ. Might be worth checking with 
Jean and Ken to see what the literature situation really is on them.


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