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Re: fred & rod

Tim Addis wrote:
> I am looking for material on a 1976 collecting trip to Sierra Leone made up
> mainly of BKA members. I understand the AKA published an article on this
> trip in JAKA Vol 9, No. 9 Sept 1976.
> Does anyone still have this issue?
> For some reason this work was not published in the BKA newsletter. The trip
> was instrumental in discovering Roloffia (now Scriptaphyosemion) fredrodi.
> Did this sp. ever make it to the US?

I believe it did, but a quick look at Huber's Killi-Data suggests one might 
look for *Scr. liberiense* as the species name, now. IDK how many have 
adopted the old (new) name, so it may be tough to track them unless there 
was a collection code.

Langton's _ Wild Collections..._, 3rd Ed. lists a trip that is the likely 
one. It was by Fred Wright, J. Parker, Rod Roberts, T. Radda and J. Wapenaar 
in early '76, where they found an "unidentified *Aphyosemion* species (= 
Small Rollofias)" in Jan./Feb. No location or collection code was given.

What is more, Roger always carefully referenced JAKA when appropriate, but I 
find no Sierra Leone collections of that era that might apply. I think there 
was only one collection in Sierra Leone earlier in the 70s and those were 
the first after Roloff's trips in the mid '60s. No mention of anything 
sounding like Scr., tho, as far as I could find.


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