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Re: A newbie needs hands on training -- only one problem, Mike

AUS62 at aol_com wrote:
> Mike, please give some info as to where you live! 
> Post your address -- snail mail type, and give us a chance to meet and talk. 

Harry brings up a subject that needs to be repeated every once in a while.

Mail lists can be widespread, and there is no clue in most addresses to the 
physical location of the sender. [AOL and Yahoo seem particularly poor at 
educating their new members.] That kind of anonymity can be very important 
in some circumstances. In widespread hobby groups, in particular, it is 
considered good "netequette" to automatically attach a small file called a 
.sig file that gives your state, and even a city for large states. It should 
also provide an alternate method for contact, if feasible. [I don't suggest 
a phone number for 14 yr-old girls, tho. ;-) Bad jokes are not obligatory.]

That said, another way to get local help is to navigate to the affiliates 
page at the www.aka.org site. Most local clubs provide an easy way to 
contact them, and local clubs are where it is at for the kind of help 
requested. Mike should find the closest one to him and contact them -- 
attend a meeting, get acquainted.


Wright Huntley -- 209 521-0557 -- 731 Loletta Ave, Modesto CA 95351

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