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RE: Getting rid of MTS - just replacing the gravel

Maybe they could use puffers in Ash Meadow to get rid of the MTS !!

Just kidding -- really!
Kind of reminds me of the "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", only in this
case we'll end by adding sharks to swallow the alligators . . .


> If your water is hard enough to keep them, tetraodon puffers are pretty
> good at cracking snail shells.
>  Clown
> Loaches, in small schools, and they just could not crack the hard shells
> of  my MTS as grown in the medium-hard Fremont water. I suspect reports
> that  they rid the tank of MTS may have been in much softer water. Mine
> was about  200 ppm (11-12 degrees) of CaCO3 equivalent GH.

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