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Re: Getting rid of MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails)

killiman wrote:
> MTS or the curse of Charlie Grimes (he puts them in every fish he passes out
> as an extra bonus) they do not like soft acid water.

It is the acid eating away slowly at the shells. You can get the same 
results in hard water by adding enough pool acid to do the job. I have used 
acid to get them out of gravel, before, but forgot to mention it. It takes 
strong stuff, so is very dangerous -- know what you are doing before trying it.

> I have frozen them down to -10 F and the still came back.

That is bad news. It seemed like such a nice clean way to do it without the 
nasty side effects. Oh well...

> Gotta go pick eggs so there will be plenty when you come visit.
> as the water changes automatically.

Send all that surplus to the BAKA auctions. We will find homes for them!


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> Subject: Getting rid of MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails)
>>I removed all the gravel (and most of the MT snails) from a tank and was
>>going to just dump the gravel, when it occured to me that they might be
>>susceptible to freezing. Has anyone ever tried freezing gravel (easily
>>done here this time of year) to kill the snails ? I understand that people
>>have tried bleach, but the snails remain in their shells, impervious to
>>the bleach. Cold however, would penetrate the shells quite easily. If they
>>can survive freezing, then they are obviously a real danger if released
>>accidentally, if not, then freezing would be an effective sterilant for
>>Dennis in cold Pennsylvania
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