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Re: AW: Getting rid of MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails)

Hi Erik,

I, too, have snails in most of my tanks, and for sure in baby-rearing 
containers. They are most useful.

Unfortunately, they can also eat eggs. IME, small ramshorn snails will eat 
very freshly-laid eggs before the skin toughens up, but generally leave them 
alone later. My guess is that pond snails are a bit worse, but I have done 
no controlled experiments.

MTS are, like several other trapdoor snails, very much more carnivorous, and 
they will eat killifish eggs at any stage of development. They are 
nocturnal, and particularly adept at stripping a mop overnight. If you have 
them in the gravel, pull the mops right after the morning spawning effort, 
if you want to save a few eggs.

A saucer with meat (hot-dog, bologna, etc.), removed before dawn each day, 
can reduce their numbers to practical levels if you don't want to tear the 
tank down as Dennis has done.


Erik Pfingstner wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> why are these snails a problem? I am happy to have snails in my tanks.
> Erik
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>>Betreff: Getting rid of MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails)
>>I removed all the gravel (and most of the MT snails) from a tank and was
>>going to just dump the gravel, when it occured to me that they might be
>>susceptible to freezing. Has anyone ever tried freezing gravel (easily
>>done here this time of year) to kill the snails ? I understand that people
>>have tried bleach, but the snails remain in their shells, impervious to
>>the bleach. Cold however, would penetrate the shells quite easily. If they
>>can survive freezing, then they are obviously a real danger if released
>>accidentally, if not, then freezing would be an effective sterilant for
>>Dennis in cold Pennsylvania
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