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Re: Sand spam

In a message dated 1/2/03 5:44:27 PM, dskatz at optonline_net writes:

<< Lee, did you ever look at Trigonectes eggs?  They are the most adhesive 

I have ever seen.  The peat sticks to the eggs so tightly that it's

impossible to see the egg surface using a microscope. >>

OK, I just collected 9 eggs after providing them with a larger tank and a 
bowl of peat. They are about as adhesive as month old Gnatholebias eggs, but 
these Trigonectes eggs can't be more than two days old. The diameter as 
measured with a microscope was about 2.2 mm. This is the Trigonectes species 
Araguaia (spelling?). What incubation time - in water or in peat/coir do you 

Lee Harper
Media, PA 
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