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Re: Trap Door Snails

RJ wrote:

> As best as I recall Giant Japs are hermaphroditic. In a long forgotten
> I came across in my youth I believe that it was Axelrod that speculated
> they were fertilized once and then stored the sperm for future use.  I
> had single snails reproduce for about a year in captivity when they were
> being kept alone. So I do not know if they truly store the sperm or if
> can self fertilize. The giant Japs can live in pretty soft water, but if
> miss water changes they will close up, within a week to a week and a half
> they will die if the water is not changed.

RJ, in the 1966 edition EAF by Innes has a short section on the Japanese
livebearing snail. He states there are male and female with the male having
a slightly shorter horn as a sex indication. Sounds like it might be a
tough to determine but he also states "A female once impregnated, appears
to be fertile for life." I don't know if this is the same variety as the
ones you
mentioned but the picture is exactly what I had in Maine. Incidently,
not planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, are you? It might be safer to
up amateur bullfighting. Best wishes for the new year, RJ!

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