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Re: Sand spam

Art Titus did that with a zillion gardneri and other Fundulopanchax and
Aphyosemion. He liked setting up a male and a female, previously conditioned
separately, in 1 gallon pickle jars. I tried it with marmoratum, oeseri and
others. It worked for me. Then I got too many killies to have enough tanks
to keep males and females separate all the time.

Soft nets cushion the impact. Those same fine meshed nets are great not only
for harvesting eggs and live foods, but for netting fish, especially those
with larger spines which might get tangled in the net mesh. Of course those
nets don't last quite as long as the heavier, more convention ones.

All the best,


> Rosario LaCorte recommended #2 gravel. And no, the eggs are not damaged in
> that process. However, they are damaged when separated by a sieve. If you
> think about a suspension of heavier, larger gravel and lighter smaller
> they will naturally flow to the interstices between the gravel when
> in water. Only when water free does it cause a problem with sand smaller
> the eggs.
> Lee Harper

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