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Re: Sand spam

 >Actually, some annuals like Nothos will lay eggs in gravel, at least small
................ stir up the gravel,
> You take the fish out temporarily,

WHEW! You had me worried.  ;)

(I always got dizzy rotating the crops too.)

By the way, another way to "harvest gravel" is to use a gravel vac or
gravel-grunger. Rub the water through a fine meshed net such as one might
use for netting daphnia.

Either lightly rinse or dump in a jar of clean water (of similar temperature
and chemistry) and remove with a turkey baster.

Here you don't necessarily have to take the fish out.  :)

If the tank whose gravel is being harvested harbors plant spawners, you may
also pull fry out of the gravel (especially if it - the gravel - is about
the diameter of your little finger). So siphon gently.

Not as therapeutic as mops picking, but sometimes faster. And water gets
changed at the same time. (Watch Alf develop an automatic water changer and
egg harvester.)

All the best,


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