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Re: Sand spam

Actually, some annuals like Nothos will lay eggs in gravel, at least small 
gravel, and you can harvest the eggs. As was mentioned previously, Rosario 
LaCorte uses this method for Nothos. You take the fish out temporarily, 
stir up the gravel, then either whisk a net around in a figure 8 motion to 
catch the eggs before they sink, or siphon off the material on the surface 
of the gravel, which should include eggs. I have never tired this. I am a 
peat man!


At 11:09 PM 1/1/2003 -0800, you wrote:

>Have you ever seen a tank with sand in it? IMHO, sand is far, far more 
>beautiful than any gravel ever will be, especially black sand(pure white 
>gets dirty too easily). I'm in the process of converting almost all my 
>tanks to sand substrates(or atleast a mixture of sand and gravel) and I 
>love the looks of all my tanks with sand. Also, if fish lays eggs in 
>gravel, you can't harvest the eggs, and they are far more likely to lay 
>eggs in sand than gravel(correct, yes?). Sand has many advantages over 
>gravel from what I've learned. It can be vaccuumed out for cleaning, food 
>sits ontop of it so the fish don't loose it in the crack, it can easily 
>fill in spaces around caves and plants, and it is much less abrasive on 
>fishes undersides. I am sure there are other advantages(disadvantages too, 
>but I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages), but these are 
>the main ones I have noticed.
>  unclescott <unclescott at prodigy_net> wrote:> With this sandblasting sand 
> still require time to settle? I need something
>that goes right to the bottom.
>How about gravel? ;)
>--- Steve Thomas wrote:
> > Where can I get this sand? All the pool places
> > around here are closed for
> > the winter.
> > You can find it as sandblasting sand at Lowe's.
>Awww. I was going to suggest the night shift dodging junkyard dogs.
>Obligatory straight stuff:
>The gravel about the size of your little finger is especially useful for
>hiding eggs if you are going to pull your breeders and let fry hatch out.
>All the best!
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