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Re: fish feeder for bbs

In a message dated 1/2/03 11:09:45 AM, busterg at voyager_net writes:

<< Has anyone tried using a automatic fishfood feeder to start bbs. >>

Jim, my experience with these feeders is they tend to clog up with granular 
fish food. I haven't tried them with brine shrimp eggs, so I don't know. Mine 
burned out because it jammed the last time I used it. I would also be 
concerned about the humidity over a warm hatching solution. On the other 
hand, if you keep your hatching solution cooler -- say 72 degrees rather than 
80 degrees, they will hatch slowly, and not as well, but they would live 
longer and you would have some when you get home.

Lee Harper
Media, PA 
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