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RE: Fungused Eggs

Hi Steve

An important thing I learned is that temperature is also 
very important in killing eggs. If you live someplace where
the temperature drop is quite a bit during the night and 
you don't heat your whole fish room, you will have problems 
with hatching the eggs. The thing that work the best for me
is to put the eggs in a tub with a lid and float it in the
tank I took it from. Your temperature of the eggs will stay 
constant or the same as your tank. Only if you have a temperature
controlled fish room, would I leave the eggs in one inch of
water on a self.

Maybe do a test to see if that can be your problem. Put a glass 
of tank water next to your bed and take the temperature. When
you wake up at say 3am in the morning, take the temperature
again and see what the difference is. Please don't drink the
glass of water next to your bed. Never give up !!!!!


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> Subject: Fungused Eggs
> I'm about to give up on killi. No matter what I do I end up 
> with fungused eggs. First I used Maroxy and they all 
> fungused. Then I tried Methylene Blue and they all fungused. 
> After posting here and people saying to use plain water 
> without additives I still get fungused eggs.
> I take the water right from the tanks the eggs were laid in. 
> I place them in 12 oz cups with about 1 inch of water. Then I 
> sit them on a shelf. Could the light be causing them to 
> fungus? I can't stop this fungus so I need your help.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
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