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Re: Hatch rates

by way of Barry Cooper wrote:
> Hello again,
> I have numerous eggs, but have had extreme difficulty in hatching them =
> out.     Most are FP's, and I have been using moderate amounts of =
> acriflavine and methyl blue in shallow water, but to no avail.

Try diluting it down, soon after you start the soak. Get it clear of 
color in 2-3 days. By then viable eggs usually won't die and fungus. 
Lots of early water changes seem to be the best.

Be sure no chlorine or chloramine are present as they damage eggs, too.

> Any ideas on how to improve hatch rates?      The only real luck I have =
> had is to let the eggs hatch in the tanks, then removing the fry.      =
> This does not appear to be a best practice, but it is at least =
> effective.   I wonder if I have been wasting my time removing the eggs =
> and placing them in petri dishes.

Many Fp. really do much better if exposed to moist air for a while. Have 
you tried incubating them on damp peat for 3-5 weeks?

> The survival rate also seems to be better in the tanks than in the =
> "dishpans."     On those few occasions where fry have hatched, they =
> never last longer than a few weeks.

Both eggs and babies seem to need lots of oxygen. Do what it takes to 
provide it. Reduce acriflavin and maybe increase methylene blue,as it 
seems to help respiration. Aeration is sometimes mandatory for the babies.

Use some salt in case you have Oodimium (Velvet) organisms in your 
water, once they hatch.

> If anyone has any helpful hints, I am all ears.

Last, but not least, consider how your breeders are conditioned. Lots of 
fatty acids in their diet, and really clean water can make big fertility 

That is probably not the problem, if the eggs are not turning white 



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