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Re: Hatch rates

I stopped even trying to guess the acriflavine -  meth mix. it seems no
matter who's formula I tried, I still got fungused eggs, removed them,
changed their water daily and always ended up losing a few more. Now, I make
five or six mops per species, pre-soak them in the breeding tank water, put
one or two in the breeding tank, then pull them from the tank every two or
three days and put them in a marked plastic shoe box of clean aged water, a
wad of java moss and a couple of rams horn snails. Do a 50/50 water change
every other day after you get fry. Feed bbs and keep up on the water
changes, all should go well. It has more than doubled my fry population.
Just be sure to remember to mark your containers and you are rolling. Just
my own personal experience with the acriflavine - meth thing, there are many
others out there with years of tricks up their sleeves. Check the archives
first:  http://fins.actwin.com/killietalk/
as most of this stuff has been rolled over a few times already.
Good Luck,Patrick
Patrick J. Coleman
killikeeper at nuurth_net
AKA 8400
SAA 116
NWK 29

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Subject: Hatch rates

> Hello again,
> I have numerous eggs, but have had extreme difficulty in hatching them =
> out.     Most are FP's, and I have been using moderate amounts of =
> acriflavine and methyl blue in shallow water, but to no avail.
> Any ideas on how to improve hatch rates?      The only real luck I have =
> had is to let the eggs hatch in the tanks, then removing the fry.      =
> This does not appear to be a best practice, but it is at least =
> effective.   I wonder if I have been wasting my time removing the eggs =
> and placing them in petri dishes.
> The survival rate also seems to be better in the tanks than in the =
> "dishpans."     On those few occasions where fry have hatched, they =
> never last longer than a few weeks.
> If anyone has any helpful hints, I am all ears.
> Many thanks for the help.
> John         =20
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