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Re: Spawning media for peat divers

I use any kind of tub or container, including the reusable freezer types 
that are now available almost anywhere.  A small piece of slate and some 
marbles to add weight, and then a mixture of 2/3 peat and 1/3 coconut 
fiber.  I cut a small hole in the top, no larger than a half dollar in most 
cases, slightly larger for a few larger killies,  most of the peat stays i 
the container, or at least enough to collect eggs weekly.

         Fish find there way in and out of the container in no time, and it 
helps keep the tanks bottom relatively clean for feeding.

On another note, someone asked for my web site:  www.thefishwizards.com

         Good Killie Keeping...........  Tony

At 09:08 AM 8/1/02 +0800, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I've set up breeding tanks for 2 young trios of Simpsonichthys
>magnificus and am using "peat-in-tub" method, only to find the tub swept
>empty by the next day.  Is there an alternative method, container or
>media that I can try?
>Searching around, some LFS stocks Dennerle 'Crystal quartz gravel' which
>states on the packing;
>Free of hardness builders
>Neutral in water
>CO2 resistant
>Non fading
>1-2mm grain size (with edges rounded off in the gravel mill) and thus
>safe for corys.
>The 'non-fading' spec seems to infer that the media was
>painted/coated... am I right thinking this?  Also, if it's truely 'edges
>rounded off', would this be suitable for peat-divers?
>Would also like to know of others' experience with this particular
>BTW, even if this Dennerle gravel is not suitable as a spawing media, I
>feel it's just the right gravel since it's dark brown, slate grey and
>black, to show off the killie's colors.
>Ronnie Lee
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