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Hatch rates

Hello again,

I have numerous eggs, but have had extreme difficulty in hatching them =
out.     Most are FP's, and I have been using moderate amounts of =
acriflavine and methyl blue in shallow water, but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to improve hatch rates?      The only real luck I have =
had is to let the eggs hatch in the tanks, then removing the fry.      =
This does not appear to be a best practice, but it is at least =
effective.   I wonder if I have been wasting my time removing the eggs =
and placing them in petri dishes.

The survival rate also seems to be better in the tanks than in the =
"dishpans."     On those few occasions where fry have hatched, they =
never last longer than a few weeks.

If anyone has any helpful hints, I am all ears.

Many thanks for the help.

John         =20

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