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Re: glugea cure

By carrier I assume you mean subclinical infection. Certainly species other 
than Nothos and SA annuals can be infected. If your fish have a minimal 
infection, the flubendazole should be effective. Regarding spores, the 
papers on which I based my own research reported that this group of drugs 
did damage spores. My own observations on treated fish, so far, showed that 
the xenoma, the cyst formed by the organism, is lysed, but spores were 
still present in the tissue. More prolonged observations are needed to see 
whether those spores can re-infect. I would recommend that you treat two or 
even three times at, say, one month intervals.


At 07:54 PM 7/31/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all
>A question for Barry but definetly an answer for the group's ears too:
>I'm treating my australe with flubendazole for glugea under suspicion
>they are carriers. Will the flubendazole also kill the spores/cysts
>or not?
>All my nothos and SAA are clean (really easy, knock off the fish,
>sterilize and restock) but my non-annuals were exposed and I'm
>fearful for them being carriers. I can't afford to knock them off as
>I'm the only person locally with them.
>I'm deathly afraid that my non-annuals may infect my annuals but
>don't want to loose them. I'm 95% certain that my fish were infected
>by non-annual imports last year.
>Any comments
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