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Spawning media for peat divers

Hello all,

I've set up breeding tanks for 2 young trios of Simpsonichthys
magnificus and am using "peat-in-tub" method, only to find the tub swept
empty by the next day.  Is there an alternative method, container or
media that I can try?

Searching around, some LFS stocks Dennerle 'Crystal quartz gravel' which
states on the packing;
Free of hardness builders
Neutral in water
CO2 resistant
Non fading
1-2mm grain size (with edges rounded off in the gravel mill) and thus
safe for corys.

The 'non-fading' spec seems to infer that the media was
painted/coated... am I right thinking this?  Also, if it's truely 'edges
rounded off', would this be suitable for peat-divers?

Would also like to know of others' experience with this particular

BTW, even if this Dennerle gravel is not suitable as a spawing media, I
feel it's just the right gravel since it's dark brown, slate grey and
black, to show off the killie's colors.

Ronnie Lee

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