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Mixing Fry(babies) long ramble

Hi Chris,

       The internet bidding rooms are not the cheapest place to get good 
fish. They are geared to the individual who can spend lots of bucks. You need 
to check the fish and egg listings on the AKA site. It's a month old (you get 
it on time if you join the club) but alot of the fish listed will still be 
available if you go ahead and contact the person with the list. Ruth Warner, 
who always has a listing, also has a website where she sells fish. Ruth's 
prices are very reasonable and her fish are very good. She sells a little 
book that has very useful information. I would check her out as she is also 
very nice.
     Tony Terceira, another very good killie guy has a website where he sells 
fish. It is called The Fish Wizard I think. (Is that right, Tony?) He would 
be someone to check out as he is very reasonable too and has very good fish. 
Both Tony and Ruth have each been in the AKA for over 30 years and have been 
shipping fish all those years.
    You might mention the fish you are looking for on here and people can 
contact you off list if they have the fish you want.
    With killies it is easy to get more fish at first than you have space 
for, so try to resist the urge -- it's hard, I know.
    You won't need a 29 gallon tank for your females. raise your fry and in a 
few weeks see where you are at and just what size tank you need. 
      If you want to have cycled filters for new tanks, you might want to 
have some extra sponge filters or -- my favorite -- corner filters with 
regular small natural aquarium gravel as the medium inside them running in 
your established tanks, so when you set up a new tank or big plastic 
container, you will have an extra cycled filter ready to go.
      Chris, you might be surprised when you put together a good quality 
THICK styro box with a solid cardboard box just what such a shipping 
container costs -- maybe 10 bucks. I find it sad that people will use cheap 
shipping boxes with thin styro and sometimes no cardboard box on the outside 
but insist on shipping overnight express for 30 bucks when regular priority 
works fine. Spend the money on a better shipping container and spend less on 
postage. It's the container and timing that makes the difference not just 
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