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Re: roger

 Thanks Roger, you explained exactly how I feel. I am afraid that I will one day become so obsessed with perfectiong with my fish that it will drive me insane, or, at the least, quite the hobby alltogether. I may not drive myself to perfection, but everyone else that keeps fish is certainly pushing me into it.
  Roger Hawthorne <albanyaquarium at msn_com> wrote: This thread has become very thought provoking for me. On one exreme
are those that feel exotixs should not be kept as pets ever. The other
side would be keep all you can for preservation. To a beginner they are
kept because they are interesting. Our hobby is full of extreme views.
One person carefully cares for goldfish, another feeds them to Oscars.
And some wouldm't have fish if they could not feed them live food. 
Many are careful never to subject fish to stress, some do it all the time
to further knowledge. 

After so many decades, I have lost interest in all the new names 
for the same old fish. I am as interested in how they act and breed as
how many bones they have. Where they are dominant they may act differently 
than where they are not. And if a person is honored with a fish named after
themself, and that fish is moved to another family, shouldn't it keep the same 
species name? Haplachromis moffatti was named for a Methodist minister that
helped the natives. It's fine if they are called Psuedocrenilabrous (or whatever),
but why change the specie to philander. Why not Psuedocrenilabrous moffatti? 

We alter fish as soon as they are housed in aquaria and provided better foods.
At the least our housing them speeds up change. Many very popular fish
are a hybrid. If we got rid of all hybrids, beef streak would taste like boot
leather. I have carfully noticed the differences of the same specie change
with different feeds and conditions. Some fish that used to be husky are
now whimps. Pampering and saving all ruined them. Other fish are huskier
now than when first introduced.

I miss those first days when I could be interested in watching a single
female guppy swim in a little bowl. The elation when it had young. The wait
to see what the young males looked like. The pride of your own fish in a
little world you supplied and care for appearing to be healthy and happy.
If Chris' fish are healthy and happy, he is doing a great job. 

Fish will change, with or without mans intervention. Chevron did not kill
off the dinosaurs. And maybe the health and happiness of each fish is
of utmost importance. And a hybridizer is proud of his work and rightfully
so. Most hobbyists provide perfect summer all the time and never subject
their fish to winters stress. Maybe the rough times are also important.
And possibly because 'mistakes' will get into the system, it is even more 
important for groups like the AKA to preserve exact pure strains. Maybe
more work will be required to know the differences in the different fishes.
Not only their colors, but what conditions made those differences. I applaud 
all the beginners regardles of age. In particular those that are concerned enough
to look things up and stick with it. Many probably just go to another site on
their computer. And I have not forgotten those dedicated souls that work
at staying ahead of the pack with concrete knowledge. Maybe it is that
great challenge that keeps them interested. 

Maybe I just miss that first plain guppy. I've never had one like her since. 
Maybe what I really miss is the point in my life I allowed myself to appreciate 
a simple guppy in a bowl. Oh!, by the way, her babies grew and had babies.
Their prodigy never died off for me. I still have some. But alas, I have lost
the ability to appreciate them as much as that original 'Grand Dame'. I could
have really been something. Now I'm just a fishy guy,

Roger Fishyman1957Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

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