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Re: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

 Acutally, as I already stated, one of the ponds I will be releasing them into is in MY backyard, there is no more danger of them being released into the local enviroment than there is when they are in my own tank, and, the OTHER pong is in my friend's backyard! Again, no danger. Plus, I like them all! I don't think I could pick just one, I am sure that hardly any of you can pick one special type of Killi out. Unless it was the first Killi you ever owned or something. And, I already stated atleast 5 times that I WILL keep the females sepersated, and even buy them their own tank, and divide it, so noone else needs to lecture me about that, ok? No offense, but I am getting really tired of reading emails that all say the same stuff, I only needed to head it once to learn my lesson. I know more about the danger of releasing the fish into a lake or pond with other fishes more than most any of you. They teach these things in school with EXTREME severity and cover all the areas. An!
d I have spent numerous hours learning about the local fishing ponds and such because I am very big on fishing. You can name most any lake within 200 miles of my house, except in mexico, and I can tell you all the types of game fishes in it, what types of plants are in it, all of that, because that is important to know when you llike fish, and like to fish, lol. We do have a small creek in Pine Valley that has only mosquito fish in it that were put there to control mosquitos(duh), and I don't believe much would be hurt if Killies ended up in it, but there probably wouldn't be much for them to eat seeing as this year has been so dry, so they probably wouldn't survive.
  Barry Cooper <bjc3 at cornell_edu> wrote: 


Let's try to bring some calm to this discussion. Most of us appreciate that 
at 16 you still have a lot to experience. I find it refreshing that at that 
age you are so interested in these fish and that you are willing to ask 
advice and learn from what you are told.

That said, I should point out that you pushed a "hot button" for serious 
killie keepers when you talked about mixing localities. As you study these 
fish you will come to realize that killies are one of those animals that 
make the definition of species difficult. Yes, the two fish you have are 
classified as belonging to the same species. That does not mean that they 
are identical. One of the reasons that so many serious killie people 
recommend not mixed localities is that the fish in nature can be 
"reproductively isolated". They develop features that make them unique due 
to the fact that they can't interbreed in nature. In this hobby, we try to 
preserve that uniqueness. In the worst scenarios, mixing locations can lead 
to the generation of hybrids that are either sterile or that will become so 
in future generations. Most of us, not all but most, prefer to buy or 
obtain fish that are of known locality type. If you cannot afford to keep 
multiple tanks to keep the localities apart, my suggestion would be to 
choose one that you like a lot, and concentrate on that. As you go on in 
the hobby you will undoubtedly be able to expand, if that is what you want 
to do.

I would also like to discourage you from releasing these fish into a pond. 
This is in general a bad idea because of the possibility of the fish 
escaping to the local environment. This is already a huge problem 
throughout this country and others and responsible aquarists these days do 
everything they can to avoid releasing fish to local habitats. In places 
like Florida, native species are threatened by competition from introduced 
species. You may have heard on the radio recently about a fish from China 
that was released, probably by someone who had them in tanks, and that are 
now threatening the local fish. I think that was in Maryland, but my memory 
is not as good as when I was your age.

I hope you will take these comments as constructive suggestions. None of us 
wants to antagonize you. Indeed, we all would like to see you continue in 
the hobby and succeed. Remember that initially nobody knew who you were, 
apart from your name, or your age.

Think seriously about concentrating on one species for now. Produce babies 
that will be valued by others in the hobby. Talk to your local aquarium 
store and you might be able to sell some of them. At least it helps to pay 
for the food!


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