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RE: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

Hi Chris,
I was about your age when I started to get really involved in fish 
keeping.  I didn't have much money, so I took all the drawers of my 
dressers, lined them with plastic and then filled them with water.  My 
mother took it pretty good when she found out a week later.  People are 
always throwing away 10 gallon tanks, let everyone know you are looking for 
tanks.  Check the Salvation Army and other thrift stores continually.  Last 
month I missed getting a 55 gallon with top and light for only $25.  Watch 
for old windows being thrown away and learn to cut glass and repair broken 
aquariums.  In no time your problem will change from not enough money to 
buy aquariums to not enough places to keep aquariums.
There are all kinds of neat projects involving tropical fish.  I was a 
finalist in the Westinghouse Talent Search with my research on trying to 
influence the sex of swordtails in the womb by dosing the water with 
testosterone.  This not only helped get into a good college but also got me 
a scholarship.
Try this with your gardneri fry.  Store some eggs at 70 degrees and some at 
78 degrees.  Keep them at these temperatures  until they are sexually 
mature and see if the temperature had an affect on the sex ratio.  It may 
not work with gardneri but I'm sure it will with some other species of 
killies and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it worked on gardneri.
Take a killifish egg to school and put it under the microscope (don't use 
too much light or you'll cook it).  Watch the blood flowing through its 
veins and watch the heart pump.
Have fun with your fish and they'll bring you a lot of satisfaction, just 
be patient and get as much knowledge as you can.
Bill Martin

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