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AW: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

Hi Lee

> It is poor
> practice because it creates possibly sterile, definitely poorly
> documented and certainly fuzzy ancestry fish. Why do it?

You are right with the word possibly. Yet this is more an exception than a

The problem is not mixing locations of the same species. The problem is to
really find out which fish are of the same species. There are quite some
fish which are thought to be the same species but who are not. In 10-20
years, folks will be surprised that we were thinking that these 2 fish were
the same species. Thus when we think we mix locations, we sometimes actually
mix species. This results in hybrids which are sterile.

Personally I am not mixing localities. Yet there is too much fuss made about
these things. If you mix localities and the resulting fish are sterile, then
you probably mixed 2 different species which are wrongly thought to be the

It happens pretty regularly that scientists discover that fish that were
previously believed to be the same species are actually different. That is
the actual problem. But that covers a small percentage of the killies.


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