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Re: Chirs can do it

Allen wrote:
>>>My wife calls them all freaks, but, I wouldn't change my "freak" friends for anything,<<<

Geez!  And she hasn't even met me yet!  ;-)

I would agree that folks are not attacking you.  It's just a very important subject that long-time killie keepers strictly adhere to and defend.  On a selfish note, segregating species and locations helps protect your breeding stock and will help your breeding stock.  And, as other have pointed out, there have been cases where sterility in hybreds doesn'i appear for several generations so you might not even become aware of a problem until you loos the strain from your fishroom.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, any questions.  But do be willing to listen to the replies, even if you don't like what your hear.  Sometimes folk's tone in an email message may sound much harsher than they intended.  Don't read too much into them.  You will find an increadible wealth of information from these folks and become a better fish keeper because of it.

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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