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Chirs can do it


>>Yes, you should have low expectations from me because I 
>>have not had decades to learn everything that you people 

No, we should have high expectation of you because then you will live up
to them.  Low expectations drive down motivation and reduce momentum.  You
are the crux of our efforts.   

>>I should not be criticised because I do not already know 
>>everything about these fish. I only know what you people 
>>tell me, so I should not be repremanded for asking a 
>>question that I do not know the answer to, even if some of you view it
as an obvious >>answer. 

First, I don’t think anyone was reprimanding you or criticizing you.  You
asked a question, people answered you, and I think maybe you took it
wrong.  You may not see it now, but most of the advice was right on track
to try and help you avoid fish that would be mutts.  I had a great strain
of Akure from Czechoslovakia That I loved.  I accidentally mixed the fry
of this species with that of Gardneri ‘Akamkpa’.  Bummer, but I grew them
up and gave them to my little half brother who loves them and is very
excited about fish now.

Then next years of production were kept apart on far ends of the room. 
And were available on the AKA fish and egg listing.

Someone has said this but I’ll say it, again.  You can get a couple of
other kinds of killies, say Epiplatys chaperi ‘Angona’, mix them and their
fry with one of your species of gardneri.  Then you wouldn’t have to worry
because they look so different and can survive in the same environment. 
Someone on this list does this as a matter of routine and is able to do
twice as much production in half of the space.  Really is frugal if you
ask me.  Also, I was able to recently get some ten gallon tanks for 3
dollars a piece at our local general club meeting.  Let me tell you if
there is one thing you need more than anything else is to be involved with
a local club.  Even if it is a general club.  You might even have a
killifish hobbyist around the corner from you, and not even know it.  You
will find out were you can save money on tanks, food, fish, and all the
advice from someone you can talk to face to face that you want.  

One piece of advice though, don’t go looking for handouts.  If people give
you fish, SUPER!!  But if you go into it with your hand out, people get
turned off by it.  IT turned me off big time and I asked someone to leave
my house because of it.  

I have sold fish before, and it almost paid for 3 months of food, boxes,
water treatment, and bags.  That was for one years worth of profits, so
no, no one on this list is making even close to a profit, and few are
breaking even.  You want profits, join the cichlid rat race and try it
there.  You want purists that will rip your head off?  Go join a Rift Lake
Cichlid list.

This list has more geezers, with more knowledge than you could ever
imagine, and they are much more tame than other lists.  I have always, it
seems, gotten involved with hobbies that excite older people.  And you
know what?  I love it.  Bonsai, fish , whatever, they have a lot of
knowledge and want to give it away for free, the fish may cost you, but
try and buy 12 Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Lions cove’ fry for 10
bucks….hahahahahahaaaaa.  They will laugh you right out of the place.  And
shipping….ouch… for those lemon labs you would pay about 40 dollars for
shipping.  You will find, Chris that you have stumbled upon the golden
pearl of the fish hobby.  Fish that require small aquariums, require
little filtration, and rank as some of the most beautiful fish in the
world.  Not only that, but you can ship the eggs!!!!  How many other fish
can you do that with?!?!?!?  

Chris, enjoy these fish and let the rest slide off of your back.  Make
friends with both local killi-keepers and general aquarists.  You will be
better off in disposition and in obtaining materials and fish than you
could ever imagine.  When I joined my local club a long time ago, at the
club auction I purchased 9 breedable Labeotropheus trewavase ‘Red Top’ for
6 dollars!!  If that doesn’t blow your mind, what will.  So join a local
club, and the AKA of course…lol, and you will really be glad you did.  You
will find the people more attractive than the good deals as well.  My wife
calls them all freaks, but, I wouldn’t change my “freak” friends for
anything, and they have shared knowledge with me that would have taken me
many years to come upon on my own.

I hope I didn’t ramble aimlessly again, sorry if I did.

By the way, Chris, you aren’t stupid, I can tell that already, you are
just young and intense.  Enjoy the list.  

Mr. Allen M. Boatman
Instructor of Horticulture
Orient Road Jail
Hillsborough County School Districts
Tampa, Florida

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