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Re: keeping fry

hascallk wrote:
> Just a quick question. . .
> Is it better to change shoebox water with "aged water" "new water" or 
> would a mixture of the two work? I don't always have enough aged water, 
> although I know you could possibly change more water this way. All I 
> have is a 10 g, two 5 g and a 2g with 3 sweater boxes to care for.

I'm not certain what you mean by "aged water" vs "New water." In your 
area, you have chloramine, so must treat *all* water with "Amquel" o/e. 
A little standing, to allow dissolved gasses to be released and room 
temperature to equalize, is all it needs, otherwise. Some San Jose/Santa 
Clara well water comes out looking like milk, due to dissolved nitrogen 
being released as the pressure is relieved. In a glass, you can see it 
clearing from the bottom up,as the fine bubbles rise.

You probably don't need water from an ongoing tank, if you add a sprig 
or two of Java moss to the shoebox to introduce some useful infusoria.

If you add a little hot water to get the right temp., give it ten or 15 
minutes, and the water will be stable; the walls of the container coated 
with fine bubbles. [Your fish will not like those on their gills.] Treat 
with a dechloraminator, per bottle instructions, stir out the worst of 
the wall bubbles, and use right away, I would say.

The old days of aerating and aging tap water for a day to get rid of 
chlorine are long gone. Chloramine is less likely to cause nasty 
trihalomethanes, but it has a half-life of up to 5 weeks, when done 
properly. Chemical neutralization or carbon-block filtering are about 
the only practical ways to treat it. "Amquel," "Prime," and "Ammo Lock 
2" all work just fine.

There may be others, but don't use any that "Break the chlorine-ammonia 
bond" as they are just expensive versions of cheap photographers hypo. 
You would still need to aerate for a day or two in your high-pH water to 
get rid of the released ammonia.

My setup is similar in size to yours, and I use a couple of 1.25G 
ice-cream buckets for my water changes. I fill, add a couple of drops of 
"Amquel," and let set to come to room temp., until ready to change some 
water. It is an ongoing process, right now. Eventually, I'll hook up 
carbon filters and set up a trash-can (actually food-grade plastic 
barrel) and be able to do more massive changes at one time.


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