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Re: Ellasoma evergladii

I just had a spawning of these fish and I am sure I have more than I 
can handle. These are my third or fourth generation. If you are 
interested contact me off the list at:
charles at inkmkr_com

Charles H

>I used to have some very small sunfish. I was told they were from S 
>Carolina. I believe they were evergladii. If anyone comes across 
>any, I am interested. I am
>also interested in any legal pupfish, Cyprinodon.
>Roger Fishyman1957

Charles H. Harrison, Ph. D.
AtLasta Specialty Ink, Inc.
4600 South Square Dr.
High Ridge, MO 63049
(636) 677-5353
Fax (636) 677-3813
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