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glugea cure

Hi all

A question for Barry but definetly an answer for the group's ears too:

I'm treating my australe with flubendazole for glugea under suspicion 
they are carriers. Will the flubendazole also kill the spores/cysts 
or not?

All my nothos and SAA are clean (really easy, knock off the fish, 
sterilize and restock) but my non-annuals were exposed and I'm 
fearful for them being carriers. I can't afford to knock them off as 
I'm the only person locally with them.

I'm deathly afraid that my non-annuals may infect my annuals but 
don't want to loose them. I'm 95% certain that my fish were infected 
by non-annual imports last year.

Any comments
Tyrone Genade
tgenade at sun_ac.za

P450 Lab, Biochemistry Department
University of Stellenbosch, 7602, South Africa
Ph: +27-021-808-5876, fax: +27-021-808-5863

"Seek your happiness in the Lord."
                  Psalms 37:4
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