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RE: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

Hi Chris

If you need extra space you might want to look into 1.5 gallon Rubbermaid
shoe boxes.  You can get them for about a buck and they can hold plenty of
fry.  Mixing fry can be a touchy subject for everyone who is trying to
preserve these lines in captivity.  A little mix up can really mess things
up down the road.  Just keep em separate with the shoe boxes or alternate
production between the strains.  If you do that you will be able to sell all
you produce to your local market and have a few to mail/sell/trade.  Keep on
keeping on.

Best fishes

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><{{{> Why do it?! BECAUSE SOME of us are only 16(until tommorrow),
><{{{>and can not afford, don't know how, nor have the know-how, to
><{{{>set up multiple tanks for each type of fish!!! If they are
><{{{>BOTH Gardneri, they will NOT produce sterile fry! That is
><{{{>common knowledge. Plus, I doubt that any of my fish will make
><{{{>it to the market, and all will probably end up in a pond! So
><{{{>don't be so b*tchy about it, ok? I am only 16, and if you
><{{{>keep treating all people my age that have a love for fish,
><{{{>particularly killies, that way, there will be NO MORE killies
><{{{>because people of my generation, and generations after mine,
><{{{>will not know how to keep them, and will not want to. The
><{{{>ONLY other person that I know that keeps fish is my friend's
><{{{>mother, she has a huge oscar, a huge pleco, and a huge jack
><{{{>demsey, and a pond with koi. Thankfully, she would love to
><{{{>have some of my fish's offspring for her pond, particularly
><{{{>my Blue Gularis.Her son, my best friend, is fairly interested
><{{{>in fish, and wants to sta!
><{{{>rt keeping his own, but only because when he asks a question
><{{{>about them, I DON'T treat him like an idiot and DON'T scold
><{{{>him for wanting to do the wrong thing. I just nicely explain
><{{{>how it should really be done, whatever it may be.

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