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Re: mixing fry

Just to take the other side for a minute:  if they truly are the same
species, you likely won't be able to tell them apart, as many folks have
said; however, you may get some degree of hybrid vigor to counteract the
inbreeding depression you can otherwise see in long isolated populations.
Yes, you lose the strain identity, and yes, it's a good idea to keep the
pure strains also, to conserve for the possibility of reintroduction to
native habitats in the future (under carefully controlled and officially
approved conditions only!), but for general aquarium petkeeping, the mixed
ancestry fish are likely to be a little hardier than the "pure"
populations.  After all, the fish in the original locality naturally mix a
little at the margins of their range with neighboring populations, if not
by swimming upstream and down, then when there's a large storm or flood or
other event that allows some normally isolated groups to mix.

Diane Brown

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