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Re: Heterandria formosa - is it a Killi?

You are correct in stating the Heterandria is not a killie, but is instead, a livebearer.  The name is misleading and it has been suggested that it be called Pygmy Livebearer which would more accurately describe this interesting little fish.  If I'm not mistaken (and I am from time to time)they are one of the smallest livebearing vertebrates in the world. They are fairly common near the coast here (SC).  We are planning a collecting trip near Charleston, SC on the Labor Day weekend (August 31 through Sept. 2) if anyone is interested.  In addition to these fish, we should find Bluefin killies (Lucania goodei), Rainwater killies (L.parva), Golden Topminnows (Fundulus chrysotus - some of which may be melanistic) and Lined Topminnows (F.lineolatus).  If we hit some brackish water areas, we may also find Mummichogs (F.heteroclitus).  We will, most certainly, find many other cool natives.  If any are interested contact me on or off list.

Chip Rinehart

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