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Re: Question about something I found in a book...

Actually, there is no longer considered question about much of the
"splitting", but instead solid scientific data which has established viable
differentiation on the part of many groups of fish.  In terms of the split
between Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax - that work was produced 25+ years
ago and is considered a definitive difference. based on skeletal structure
(Dr. Lynn Parenti's work) and has been backed up by quite a bit of
DNA/genetic data.

On a hobbyist basis - it is quite easy to separate the two groups -
Funduplopanchax tends to be heavier bodied fish and larger than Aphyosemion.
While there are a few environmental crosses of territory (walkeri) ,
generally, the two groups are separated geographically.

Most of the fish you mentioned - gardneri, amieti, cinnomomeum, puerzli
etc. are Fundulopanchax-related species.   I won't go into the former
Roloffia (scriptaphyosemion et. al.), but fish like Aphyosemion cognatum,
elegans, 'bualanum' (elberti) types and many others from Gabon, and the
Congo river basin are the ones which maintained the generic Aphyosemion

I tend to disagree this is about splitters and lumpers, but more based on
current data available to all.  Some hobbyists have a hard time accepting
the changes, but in general most hobbyists are on the same page worldwide.

Hope this gives you a bit of an idea of what is happening in the hobby.

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