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Re: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

Hello Chris,

> From: Chris Browning <fisher25000 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)
> Why do it?! BECAUSE SOME of us are only 16(until tommorrow), and
> can not afford, don't know how, nor have the know-how, to set up
> multiple tanks for each type of fish!!!
Neither did I, but that was when little me was 8... and have never
stopped learning.  So Happy Birthday, Chris, and keep an open mind.

> If they are BOTH Gardneri, they will NOT produce sterile fry! That is common knowledge.
During a house-move earlier this year, my 10 year-old son saved me from
moving an additional fish bag and mixed both "Baissa" & "N'sukka" frys. 
This mistake wasn't flushed, frozen or chopped but continued to live a
meaningful life controlling mosquitoes in my outdoor plant tanks.

The frys from these 'odd-lot' looked like "Baisukka" (of course there's
no such location!!) and unusual as they are, they're destined *NEVER* to
be distributed (my personal preference) as there's a bad killie-mixup
(or lack of proper ID thereof) in the LFS here in Singapore.  Everything
from Nothobranchius to Fundulopanchax to Epiplatys, are simply sold as
'killies'...  I'd rather not add "Baisukka"s to the list.

So on the issue of sterile frys, you're right on that count. Both
gardneri populations will produce fertile youngs, each retaining part of
their ancestry.  Raise your 'odd-lot' if you prefer, but skip the
location-code thingie and call them "aquarium strain"... I'm sure
they're just as pretty.

> and all will probably end up in a pond! So don't be so b*tchy about it, ok? I am only 16, and if you keep treating all people my age that have a love for fish, particularly killies, that way, there will be NO MORE killies because people of my generation, and generations after mine, will not know how to keep them, and will not want to.

I'll differ in opinion here.  My kiddo love fishes and maintains his own
cardinal and planted tank, in addition to caring for my 12 killie tanks
when I'm often outstationed.  He's doing a fabulous job and changes
water more faithfully than I.  Ignorance is not bliss but he's learning
from mistakes.  Good fish-husbandry and good manners are best inculcated
when young.

> Her son, my best friend, is fairly interested in fish, and wants to
> start keeping his own, but only because when he asks a question about
> them, I DON'T treat him like an idiot and DON'T scold him for wanting
> to do the wrong thing.

I'm happy that you have a fish buddy, both of you will learn much from
the vast experience in this diverse group of sincere hobbyists.  Emails
are notorious in NOT conveying the proper message and if a response
doesn't meet your expectations, it doesn't mean that someone is treating
somebody else like an idiot.

BTW, it's almost impossible, visually, to distinguish females from
"Baissa" and "N'sukka" populations... I know 'cos I've tried...

Ronnie Lee
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